Human Adult Normal-HuFPT

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price(5 Sildes)
HuFPT001 Normal Human Adrenal gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Adrenal gland $150.00
HuFPT006 Normal Human Cerebrum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebrum tissue of frontal lobe (including cortex and medullary) $150.00
HuFPT011 Normal Human Inferior part of pons (5 SLIDES/PACK) Inferior part of pons $150.00
HuFPT012 Normal Vertebral column (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal spinal cord tissue $150.00
HuFPT015 Normal Human hippocampus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Hippocampus $150.00
HuFPT016 Normal Human Cerebellum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebellum $150.00
HuFPT017 Normal brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebrum tissue of temporal lobe (including cortex and medullary) $150.00
HuFPT018 Normal brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebrum tissue of left occipital lobe (including cortex and medullary) $150.00
HuFPT019 Normal brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebrum tissue of right occipital lobe (including cortex and medullary $150.00
HuFPT020 Normal brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cerebrum tissue of parietal lobe (including cortex and medullary) $150.00
HuFPT021 Normal Brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Midbrain tissue $180.00
HuFPT026 Normal Human Medulla oblongata (5 SLIDES/PACK) Medulla oblongata $150.00
HuFPT031 Normal Human Cervix (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cervix $180.00
HuFPT036 Normal Human Colon (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon $150.00
HuFPT041 Normal Human Esophagus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Esophagus $150.00
HuFPT046 Normal Human Left atrium (5 SLIDES/PACK) Left atrium $150.00
HuFPT051 Normal Human Right atrium (5 SLIDES/PACK) Right atrium $150.00
HuFPT056 Normal Human Left ventricle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Left ventricle $150.00
HuFPT061 Normal Human Right ventricle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Right ventricle $150.00
HuFPT066 Normal Human Auricle of heart (5 SLIDES/PACK) Auricle of heart $150.00
HuFPT071 Normal Human Aorta (5 SLIDES/PACK) Aorta $150.00
HuFPT072 Normal Human Kidney cortex (5 SLIDES/PACK) Kidney cortex $150.00
HuFPT073 Normal Human Kidney medulla (5 SLIDES/PACK) Kidney medulla $150.00
HuFPT074 Normal Human Liver (5 SLIDES/PACK) Liver $150.00
HuFPT075 Normal Human Skeletal muscle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skeletal muscle $150.00
HuFPT076 Normal Human Ovary (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ovary $180.00
HuFPT077 Normal Human Head of pancreas (5 SLIDES/PACK) Head of pancreas $150.00
HuFPT078 Normal Human Body of pancreas (5 SLIDES/PACK) Body of pancreas $150.00
HuFPT079 Normal Human Tail of pancreas (5 SLIDES/PACK) Tail of pancreas $150.00
HuFPT080 Normal Human Placenta (5 SLIDES/PACK) Placenta $150.00
HuFPT081 Normal Human Small intestine (5 SLIDES/PACK) Small intestine $150.00
HuFPT082 Normal Human Spleen (5 SLIDES/PACK) Spleen $150.00
HuFPT086 Normal Human Gastric corpus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Gastric corpus $150.00
HuFPT091 Normal Human Thyroid (5 SLIDES/PACK) Thyroid $150.00
HuFPT096 Normal Human Uterus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Uterus (endometrium and muscular wall) $150.00
HuFPT101 Normal Human Tongue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Tongue $150.00
HuFPT106 Normal Human Ureter (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ureter $150.00
HuFPT108 Normal Human Bladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bladder $150.00
HuFPT110 Normal Human Trachea (5 SLIDES/PACK) Trachea $150.00
HuFPT111 Normal Human Bronchus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bronchus $150.00
HuFPT116 Normal Human Larynx (5 SLIDES/PACK) Larynx $150.00
HuFPT121 Normal Human Fallopian tube (5 SLIDES/PACK) Fallopian tube $150.00
HuFPT126 Normal Human Mammary gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Mammary gland $180.00
HuFPT127 Normal breast tissue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Human Mammary gland $180.00
HuFPT128 Normal breast tissue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Human Mammary gland $180.00
HuFPT129 Normal breast tissue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Human Mammary gland $180.00
HuFPT130 Normal breast tissue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Human Mammary gland $180.00
HuFPT131 Normal Human Lung (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lung $150.00
HuFPT136 Normal Human Skin (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skin $150.00
HuFPT141 Normal Human Prostate (5 SLIDES/PACK) Prostate $180.00
HuFPT142 Human normal prostate (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal prostate tissue $180.00
HuFPT143 Human normal prostate (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal prostate tissue $180.00
HuFPT146 Normal Human Peripheral nerve (5 SLIDES/PACK) Peripheral nerve $150.00
HuFPT151 Normal Human Testis (5 SLIDES/PACK) Testis $150.00
HuFPT156 Normal Human Thymus gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Thymus gland $180.00
HuFPT161 Human Normal Tonsils (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Tonsils $180.00
HuFPT171 Normal Human Eye (5 SLIDES/PACK) Eye $180.00
HuFPT172 Normal Human Eye (5 SLIDES/PACK) Eye $180.00
HuFPT178 Normal Lung (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal lung tissue $150.00
HuFPT181 Normal Human Bone marrow (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bone marrow $180.00
HuFPT202 Normal Human Pituitary (Single Section/slide, 5 sections/pack) Normal Human Pituitary $200.00
HuFPT210 Normal human lymph node (5 SLIDES/PACK) lymph node $150.00
HuFPT240 Normal Bone marrow (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal bone marrow tissue $180.00
HuFPT540 Normal Human Appendix tissue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Normal Human Appendix tissue $180.00