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Multiple normal human organ tissues array, recommended by FDA guideline for antibody cross-reactivity testing, 32 types of human organs, 99 cores, each type taken from 3 different individuals (core size 1.5mm), replaced by FDA999w5.

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Microarray Panel Multiple human organ normal tissue microarray, 32 types of normal human organs, 99 cores, each type taken from 3 different individuals, with majority of the tissues from autopsy. Organ/Anatomic Site marked with * denotes surgical resections.
Cores 99
TissueArray.Com Tissue Array FDA999w4
Cases 67
Row number 11
Column number 9
Core Diameter (mm) 1.5
Thickness (µm) 5
Quality Control H&E and IHC confirmed
Tissue Array Type FFPE
Species Human
Notes 1. TMA slides were sectioned and stored at 4°C and may not be fresh cut, but still suitable for IHC. Please request fresh cut if experiment involves phospho-specific antibodies, RNA studies, FISH or ISH, etc. A minimum of 3 slides per TMA must be purchased to cover the cost of trimming for fresh sectioning. 2. Most TMA slides were not coated with an extra layer of paraffin (tissue cores can be easily seen on the glass). To prevent tissue detachment during antigen retrieval, unbaked slides must be baked for at least 30 to 120 minutes at 60°C. before putting into xylene for de-paraffinization. Baked slides were sent out baked for 2 hours.
In the following specsheet,“*” means invalid core; “-” means no applicable or negative in IHC markers.
Mouseover and click individual cores to view high resolution images.
Slide Label: TissueArray.Com Tissue Array
KBlaPlePleEyeEyeEyeLarLarLarMarked point
Legend: Adr - Adrenal gland, Bla - Bladder, Bon - Bone marrow, Bre - Breast, Cer - Cervix*, Col - Colon, Eso - Esophagus, Eye - Eye*, Hea - Heart, Kid - Kidney, Lar - Larynx, Liv - Liver, Lun - Lung, Lym - Lymph node, Ner - Nerve, Ova - Ovary*, Pan - Pancreas, Ple - Pleura, Pro - Prostate, Sal - Salivary gland, Ske - Skeletal muscle, Ski - Skin, Sma - Small intestine, Spl - Spleen, Sto - Stomach, Tes - Testis, Thy - Thymus gland, Ton - Tonsil, Tra - Trachea, Ute - Uterus*

- Malignant tumor, - Normal tissue

Specification Sheet (Sortable), tissue IDs are available in exported Excel files.
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